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One of the best aspects of being a member at CrossFit404 is experiencing the uplifting community of athletes our space and programming fosters. At 404, the last person to finish a WOD is just as important as the first, and there are no egos here. The support and encouragement that arises spontaneously within each class and for each challenge is a powerful thing and can be life-changing, and simply does not happen in other programs where members remain anonymous.


Our gym plays host to a wide variety of working professionals and our members regularly network and form lasting business connections. The industry reach of our community’s network is broad and has furthered jobs and careers for its members. 



CrossFit404 regularly hosts member social hours, in-gym events and seasonal outings. We’re proud of our diversity of members, with people of all interests, backgrounds and abilities.


As a dedicated part of the community, CrossFit404 participates in a number of service events and engagements year-round. In the spring, our organization supports the Trinity Combine, and during the holidays the gym sponsors canned food drives and toy drives. 404 members can be found assembling for park clean-up volunteerism and other events — it’s important for us to give back.  

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