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At 404, we consider coaching to be the most important part of your CrossFit experience. We require coaches to develop a personal relationship with each athlete to assist in reaching fitness goals. Our coaches understand limitations and will always help find solutions to scale workouts for each athlete. 


CrossFit404 equips its coaches with new learning opportunities, certifications and team seminars to bond and collaborate, and brainstorm ideas for improving the gym's collective experience. Interested in coaching with us? Email with your letter of interest.


Grace Shelton

Atlanta native Grace Shelton has been CrossFitting for two years and loves all things fitness and nutrition. She has also eaten vegan for two years and according to her, vegan ice cream is life. Grace originally trained in ballet; she also enjoys hiking, playing with her rambunctious pups and hanging out with her fiancé.


“I coach MissFits and I love seeing women start to feel empowered. I'm on a mission to help women learn to love their bodies for what they can do. Uncovering the strength that lives inside each one of these women is so powerful and drives me to show up inside and outside of the gym.” 

Robert Anderson

Head coach Robert Anderson is from Tigard, Oregon and played baseball and soccer growing up. Robert has been CrossFitting for seven years and is a dedicated coach and lifter with a sharp eye for helping 404 athletes improve their form and performance. Robert follows the Seattle Mariners and when he’s not CrossFitting, he enjoys being lazy and indulging in Menchies Froyo.


“I dropped in at CF404 before moving to Atlanta. It reminded me of my gym back home. Very caring owners and coaches, athletes that care about improving and for each other. It has a great atmosphere and community and I like to be a part of that.”

Luke Scott

Luke Scott, originally from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, is a seasoned athlete with six years of CrossFit experience. Luke’s athleticism includes experience as a Triathlete and involvement in Football, Volleyball and Track. He loves the outdoors and can be found playing sand volleyball at Piedmont Park, or climbing indoors at Summit Rock Gym. Luke is always looking to challenge himself and continually motivates others to raise their game as a coach at 404.


“I’ve always had a passion for fitness/athletics and I enjoy working with people so I turn I love to coach. When I moved to Atlanta, CF 404 was by far the best gym I visited and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

A.K. Ibrahim

Akram (A.K.) Ibrahim has nearly seven years of CrossFit experience and played many team sports while growing up in Atlanta, from soccer and lacrosse to flag football. As an Atlanta native, he’s a huge fan of all of the city’s sports teams. When he’s not attending a Falcons, Braves, Hawks, Georgia Tech or Atlanta United game, A.K. loves to hang out at Piedmont Park and the Beltline and enjoy barbecue or dessert as a reward after training and eating clean most of the time. 


“I travel a lot for work and have dropped in at 67 different CrossFit Boxes coast-to-coast … CrossFit 404 has one of the better communities that I've seen. I coach at 404 because health and fitness should be fun and the community at 404 is so supportive that I wanted to be a part of it.”

Joshua Schumacher

Joshua Schumacher (Schu) is from Harvard, Illinois and claims an impressive ten years of experience as a CrossFitter. He’s a world traveler, a fan of the Green Bay Packers and can be found hanging at Ponce City Market, Krog Street Market or enjoying a meal on Buford Highway. 


“I coach at CF404 because I want to help others succeed in their fitness goals while learning the movements correctly in a safe environment. CrossFit404 is my home.” 

Alex Browning

Alex Browning is an experienced CrossFit coach from Johns Creek, Georgia. While growing up, Alex participated in football, soccer, golf, swimming, diving and gymnastics. He is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs and enjoys living in Atlanta for the food, sports and music. Alex is a tremendously positive and encouraging coach who believes fitness is its own reward. 


“CrossFit 404 has a great community of athletically minded coaches and clients that all strive to be a better version of themselves. As coach, I am happy to contribute to the growth and development of this community and its members.”

Danielle Wellborn

Danielle Wellborn hails from Ashland, Alabama and attended Auburn University. She took her career to Atlanta to pursue fashion and enjoy all of the food festivals, excellent concerts and restaurants that the city has to offer. Danielle was involved in gymnastics, cheerleading and softball growing up. Today she enjoys hiking and outdoor activities, as well as coaching at 404.

“I decided to become a coach to inspire others to pursue their fitness goals. I love the challenges and competitiveness that I get from being a coach. My goal as a coach is to help people achieve their fitness goals while learning the correct form and technique.”

Kyle McGowan

Kyle McGowan is an Atlanta native and accomplished lifter with six years of CrossFitting experience. Kyle is a football fan and also enjoys going to Atlanta festivals and dining out at Bar Taco and Barcelona. 


“I enjoying helping people have that 'ah ha' moment with a new movement and helping to push themselves to new levels.” 

Jacqueline Boisvert

Jacqueline Boisvert is originally from Annapolis, Maryland, where she was involved in horseback riding while growing up. Today, in addition to CrossFitting (she has four years’ experience), she plays tennis, hikes and enjoys hosting dinner parties and traveling. She has degrees from Emory and Columbia, and speaks English, French and Arabic. 


“Fitness brought a whole new level of confidence into my life, and I love helping people experience a similar transformation. CrossFit is a fantastic way for busy professionals to learn about their body and its potential, all while taking control of their health. Being a part of that process is a huge responsibility and brings joy to my life.” 

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