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Everything about CrossFit 404 was specifically designed to maximize your experience. In our 6,000+ square feet of safe, clean gym space, you’ll find plenty of top-notch equipment, a club-worthy sound system, showers, grab-n-go meals, expert trainers and even dedicated community space to observe workouts and hang out with your fellow gym members. You’ll also find other things like water fountains, abundant outdoor workout space, more than enough parking and controlled climate to optimize your workout.


At 404, we pride ourselves on comfortable and well-appointed gym setup. Our space features the following amenities for your comfort and enjoyment:

• Free WiFi

• Community seating with phone chargers

• Two showers with full-length mirrors and weight scales 

• Lockers

• Restrooms

• Water fountain



One of the most stunning elements of our space is our centrally-installed rig, which allows for open and spacious room for plenty of exercises. In addition to a wide layout, our workout setup includes:

• Classic, high-quality CrossFit equipment, from barbells to pegboards; fully-equipped outdoor space with sleds and tires

• Indoor and outdoor sound system

• Two time clocks

• Dedicated lifting platforms

• Physical therapy room


To nurture our community, we've invested in the right space and features to allow athletes to socialize and accomplish part of their day at the gym. Hang out at 404 and enjoy:

• Coffee bar with ample tables, barstools and lounge chairs

• TVs streaming CrossFit events and sports

• Grab-n-Go food, snack and beverage options

• Basketball goal

• Reception desk with check-in kiosk

• Retail store (apparel, equipment, and full selection of protein and supplements)

• Athlete resource library and magazines

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